On tonight's episode of "why I can't have expensive turtle neck sweaters"
Living With Meerkats - a documentary
Thank you for a beautiful night, Dallas.. And to anyone who watched. See you in October on tour!
Casual Sunday night with the parents. #ACMawards50
The Surprise - The Finale
@abigail_lauren @yelyahwilliams @chriscarrabba
The Surprise - Part Two
The Surprise - Part One
When your parents arrange a competitive sibling Easter egg hunt, failing to take into account that their children are Ross and Monica.
When you're 25 and your mom is still like....
Nashville Squad featuring 4 Followills and 2 Swifts
Happy Birthday, @jackantonoff!
May you always keep your youthful enthusiasm, showcased in this photo.
When 'Worth It' comes on the radio and you're with @camila_cabello and all chill is lost.
I've found time can heal most anything and you just might find who you're supposed to be. (Hannah made this edit, I just creeped her blog and found it.. Tumblr: on-swifts-side)
Living proof that you can be the @iHeartRadio Music Awards Artist of the Year and also a super embarrassing person!
When the fella over there has hella good hair.
I might be okay but I'm NOT FINE AT ALL.
"When it all falls down, we'll be two souls in a ghost town.." *ugly cries forever*

When you're at rehearsal and the door just can't even.
We look over and Dixie is hugging Olivia, they're just lost in this kitten/toddler embrace they went on so long I had time to go get my camera and take this.